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Integrate Jira with Productmotion

Connect your product team's feedback and prioritization to development progress happening in Jira

Development and operations happen everyday in tools that are optimized for them such as Jira whilst Productmotion enables Product Managers to be at their best. With the Jira integration, you can keep both product and development in sync enabling effective collaboration. This gives anyone on the team immediate access to data behind the product strategy such as feedback, prioritization and roadmaps leading to increased productivity and a more customer-centric product.

Seamlessly integrate Discovery to Delivery

Discovery, feedback management and prioritization all happen within Productmotion. When the strategy has been set, keep the development team in sync by pushing items from your workspace to Jira while your product team continues to use Productmotion for all things product.

Jira ↔ Productmotion

Using the integration you can import items, work on them in Productmotion and then push the items to Jira as Stories, Epics, or other custom types. Keep both platforms in sync with two-way integration so that everyone is in the loop. This enables your development to continue using Jira whilst the product team uses Productmotion to tie customer feedback, outcomes and objectives to product strategy.

Keep the customer top of mind

With a central place for feedback, engineering teams have direct access to additional customer perspectives that help inform development decisions. Enable anyone in your organization to conveniently reference original feedback and business discussions around the idea to help them make better decisions within the context of real user needs and business value.

Easily keep Productmotion and Jira in sync

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