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Integrate Intercom with Productmotion

Capture product insights from Intercom conversations to gain a deeper understanding user needs

Customer support, sales, and marketing teams use Intercom everyday to interact with potential and existing customers. A significant number of these insights often get lost and unnoticed by the product team.

Enable the organization to unlock valuable customer feedback, product suggestions and insights that organically happen everyday. With this integration you can easily surface select conversations back to the product team for review, and analysis.

Product managers can then link this feedback to upcoming ideas that are being worked on for prioritization and analysis. This helps to provide the product team with important customer-centric context to help build products that really delight the customer.

Tag any messages

Simply tag a message in your Intercom inbox with “productmotion” and it will automatically get sent to the Feedback Inbox.

See all your feedback in one place

Feedback from Intercom (and other integrations) all arrive in an organized unified inbox. From here, the product team can dissect and analyze user needs and use the data to help prioritize and craft upcoming feature candidates.

Highlight and Link Product Insights

Use Productmotion's tools to highlight important product insights and link them to related features. These insights can later be used to help to inform the prioritization of what to do next.

Unlock powerful customer insights from Intercom

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